Our Approach

Scenes From Above's vision is to be a leader in aerial services, providing high quality custom results for each client's needs. Attention to detail is our trademark, and Scenes From Above will plan each project to meet those requirements.  Safety and compliance to rules and regulations will make your project a successful one!

You may find other un-licensed "drone" pilots who can do the job cheaper, but it is important to know that having an FAA certified "Pilot in Command" is important to your having a safe and legal project.

Our Story

Scenes From Above LLC has been in business for 10 years, primarily providing photographic services to the real estate and commercial / industrial markets.  During that time, the business has been able to provide elevated photography through the use of a telescoping mast that allows shots from as high as 50 feet up.  Today, through the passage of FAA regulations allowing commercial usage of drones, Scenes From Above has it's "Pilot in Command", expanding the horizons of aerial services.

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